Applying JSON-LD to make linked-data-driven applications

Bootcamp Organizer: Rurik Greenall


In this workshop, we look at using JSON-LD to make linked-data-driven applications. Using standard libraries to pull and process remote data, we use different techniques to create simplified views of the data.
We run through the basics of interacting with linked data as JSON-LD, demonstrating using and building context objects, JSON-LD frames and showing how RDF can be viewed as JSON objects. We look at possibilities and limitations of this technology.
Practical exercises are used to demonstrate the different aspects of JSON-LD and recommendations for use are given based on practical experience in different projects.

Target audience: metadata workers, hackers

Instruction for this workshop will focus on Javascript libraries and a node.js sample application will be provided. We will cover support for JSON-LD in other languages and experience with these.

This is a hands-on workshop and a minimum of technical awareness is expected — understanding JSON is enough, but being able to run docker on the local machine and use a text editor (preferably with a JSON-linting tool) is recommended. Some Javascript knowledge may be necessary, depending on how result-oriented the attendee is.

Attendees should bring a PC with Docker pre-installed, and be able to run the container provided link