FOLIO for Developers: Getting your own FOLIO instance running

Bootcamp Organizers: Peter Murray, Jakub Skoczen

Audience: Software developers, DevOps staff

Maximum number of participants: 15

Short description: FOLIO is a library services platform -- infrastructure that allows cooperating library apps to share data. This bootcamp is a hands-on introduction to FOLIO for developers of library apps. In this tutorial you will work with your own FOLIO setup through a series of exercises designed to demonstrate how to install an app on the platform and use the data sources and design elements the platform provides.

Bootcamp outcomes: Bootcamp participants will gain an understanding of the FOLIO platform, from the storage layer through the business logic to the user interface in the browser. Participants will also understand how to build and deploy apps to the FOLIO platform that interact with each one of these layers. Participants are also encouraged to attend the afternoon workshop, FOLIO in Your Library.

Expected time slot: 3 hours

Expertise: Basic Mac/Windows/Linux administration

Required: Laptop with curriculum prerequisites (

Programming experience: Familiarity with RESTful APIs recommended.