FOLIO in Your Library: What can a library services platform do for you?

Audience: Strategic planners, Middle- and senior-level library staff, Software developers

Maximum number of participants: 50

Short description:

FOLIO is an open source library services platform -- infrastructure that allows cooperating library apps to share data. An early focus of app development has been on traditional library functionality: circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, etc. Apps are not limited to traditional library functions, though. Is there a need to create local authority records for an institution's authors and researchers? There could be an app for that. Does the library want deeper integration into learning management systems? The platform is geared towards that type of interaction.


attendance at the morning FOLIO For Developers session is not necessary to fully participate in this workshop.

Workshop outcomes:

Workshop participants will explore how a service platform of apps can enable new services and reimagine workflows for existing services. Participants will also gain an understanding of the FOLIO platform, the project's goals, and how to participate in its development.