Linked data cataloguing

In 2016, Oslo public library went online with perhaps the world's first library system that uses an entirely linked-data-based workflow for cataloguing. Based on the knowledge created in the time we have been working with linked data as a primary medium, we have learned a number of things about the specific challenges that this brings.

In this workshop, we will learn how to catalogue in LS.ext, the library system in Oslo, showing the workflow and methodologies for automated import of data from external resources, reconcilliation considerations at import and general cataloguing in this system.

We learn how a real-world cataloguing interface built on top of linked data behaves, why the interface is the way it is and what particular challenges and benefits this brings.

We learn about the specific model as implemented in LS.ext as a real-world, in-production ontology for bibliographic applications driving a real-world, in production system available to 250,000 registered users. We learn why the data model is the way it is and see how this is implemented in practice.

We will provide hints and tips for others interested in LS.ext in particular and developing similar interfaces.