Automating rights decisions: a transparent approach for access to collections with mixed user licenses

Presenters: Rene Wiermer, Jeffrey van der Hoeven

Opening up collections to the public not only incur political, legal or contractual barriers. It also requires a significant amount of effort to manage access to these collections effectively respecting these barriers.

In this talk we will present how we brought a policy-based approach to automate access and licensing decisions into practice at the National Library of the Netherlands (KB). This resulted in a solution that enabled us to bring more content to the public while respecting regulations and keeping our content suppliers happy at the same time.

Aside from explaining this approach we aim to close the gap between the technical, legal and collection specialists about how copyrights and contractual obligations can be translated efficiently into well-controlled access management. We will give a brief overview of different models to describe licenses, access statements and patterns for access control, both from inside the GLAM sector and other industries and their implicit assumptions about the target domain.

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