Supporting the publishing workflow. Providing identifiers and promoting open access

Presenter: Peter van Boheemen

To help researchers at Wageningen University & Research in their publishing process, the library has developed two services to support them. The first service provides ISBN's and DOI's to researchers that want to publish a report or their Phd thesis.

These publications are published locally and do not involve a commercial publisher. DOI's can also be obtained to publish a data set When a researcher is going to publish a report, dataset or thesis, a DOI and, in case of a thesis or report, an ISBN can be reserved. This identifier can then be used to be incorporated in the publication.

This reservaton can be made via a web interface. One the publication is ready, it can be uploaded to our E-depot using the same interface. The library makes sure the publication is correctly registered in Worldcat and/or our local Research information system. When the metadata record is published the DOI is autmatically registered with crossref.

The second service helps researchers to publish in open access journals. The Journal Browser enables the researcher to easily find all open access journals plus all journals with which the library has made deals about the Article Processing Charges.

In this presentation I will show these services and what was needed to develop them.

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