Deploying an open-source platform for library services

Presenter: Rurik Thomas Greenall

About the presenter(s): Rurik is a consultant and principal engineer at Computas; he works with systems and particularly data-heavy applications — such as library systems. He has over ten years experience as a library technologist in academic and public libraries.

In October 2016, Oslo public library deployed its new library services platform; in contrast to many other institutions, Oslo's system is not off-the-shelf software from a vendor, but a locally developed system.

In this talk, I cover how we have used sustainable open-source development in the library domain; I describe the technical platform, describing how container technology is used to make modular architecture possible and show how existing software such as Koha has been used to provide services in the platform. I show the benefits of this approach and provide key insights into how this approach can be applied in other contexts.

I will focus on our experiences with the use of linked data in the platform as a format for metadata, how we have have integrated this with traditional metadata workflows and where the next steps from our beginnings are headed.

I describe the ups-and-downs of system development with largely new technologies; what implementing linked data as the core format for bibliographic data really means and how we can move the shared metadata reality forward for all — irrespective of the systems in use.