Rethinking Approaches to Resource Management

Lynn Bailey

Libraries have typically been constrained by the resource management models of their ILS providers. Indeed, copy cataloging has long been the norm as libraries rely on their (local) systems to be the ultimate keeper of the record. Now, new thinking is taking shape through FOLIO – a community collaboration to develop an open source library services platform built for innovation. As community partners look to rethink legacy approaches to resource management, they are considering new ideas and tackling core questions. Can we start to look at referential cataloging, for example, allowing libraries to leverage bibliographic records that exist in multiple knowledge bases in different places? Should a new platform actually support multiple knowledge bases? And how can FOLIO best support and integrate with national catalogs?

This presentation will discuss some of the new approaches to resource management under consideration. Presenters will look at a user experience-powered approach to requirements analysis and the work underway for creating a common abstraction for bibliographic metadata and e-resource knowledge bases. Presenters will discuss the current thinking and will look to participants for feedback.